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ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company


  • Our policy is to supply excellent quality sacks/bags that cater continuously to the needs and expectation of our customers both in terms of agreed schedule of delivery and international levels of quality.
  • Our trained personnel ensure that various parameters of quality are maintained during the process of manufacture so that the end product, sacks/bags, conforms or exceeds the standards set by BIS/ISO/BSEN.
  • Our endeavour is to achieve complete customer satisfaction.
  • Addvalue's technical team makes continuous efforts to deliver quality products that can be benchmarked as the best in the Industry


  1. Laboratory
    We have latest equipments for Testing of quality of products

    Sr. No. Equipments
    01 Electronic Tensile Testing Instruments - Capacity: 0-250 Kgf
    02 Thickness Gauge Meters: 0.1 mm to 10 mm
    03 Digital Techo Meters: 60 - 5000 RPM
    04 Measuring Tapes: 3-5 meters
    05 Weighing Scales: 0-1000 Kg
    06 Humidity Chamber
    07 Vernier Calipers
    08 Magnifying Glass

  2. Tests
    We are taking various test for quality of product as per BIS & Other International Standards:

    Tape Testing
      Denier   Thickness
      Strength   Width
    Fabric Testing
      Strength   Width
      Elongation   Mesh
    Bag Testing
      Seam Strength   Mesh
      Elongation   Weight

  3. IS Standard
    We are following IS Standards as below:

    Sr. No.
    Reference Documents Title
    Publication & Year
    1 Methods for Breaking Load & Elongation of woven Textile Fabric IS 1969:1985
    2 HDPE/PP Woven Sacks for Packing Sugar IS 14968:2001
    3 HDPE/PP Woven Sacks for Food grains IS 14887:2000
    4 HDPE woven Sack for Packing Flour IS 12100:1987
    5 HDPE woven Sack for Packing Fertilizers IS 9755: 1999
    6 Woven Sack for Packing Cement- HDPE/PP IS 11652:2000
    7 Paper Laminated HDPE/PP bags for Packing Cement IS 14378:1996
    8 HDPE woven Sacks for packing Pesticides IS 8069: 1989
    9 HDPE Woven Sand bags IS 14252: 2003
    10 HDPE/PP Postal Green Cash Bags IS 11047: 1984
    11 Paper Coated HDPE woven Sacks for packing Skim Milk Powder IS 11824:1986
    12 Monoaxially Oriented HDPE Tapes IS 6192:1994
    13 Determination of Length & Width of Woven Fabric IS 1954: 1990
    14 Methods for conditioning of Textiles IS 6359: 1971
    15 Polyethylene bags for general Purpose IS 9738: 1990
    16 PP & its Copolymers for its safe use in contact with Foodstuffs IS 19010: 1984
    17 Pharmaceuticals & drinking water Specifications for LDPE Films IS 2508: 1984
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