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ADDVALUE INTERNATIONAL PVT.LTD supplies a wide variety of woven bags/sacks in various designs as per specified requirements for packing goods ranging from 25-100kg customized to the required degree . Polypropylene bags or sacks are used for packing a wide range of Pulverous and free-flowing goods like:

FOOD PRODUCTS Flour, Corn, Food Grains, Animal/Cattle Feed, Sugar, Salt etc.
CHEMICALS Fertilizers, Black Carbon, Caustic Soda etc.
PETROCHEMICALS Polymer Granulate, PVC Compound, Masterbatches, Resins etc.
MINERALS Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Lime, Sand etc.

Based on the packaging requirements of customers and depending on product characteristics, filling, handling and storage requirements, these bags are available with various design options.


Tubular width up to 160 cm and height as per requirement.

Gussets, with straight stitched bottom or “H” or “L” type stitching .

Top hemmed or heat-cut or cold cut.

Valve / handle – for filling and handling .

Lamination – inside or outside polypropylene/ polyethylene lamination with micro-perforation (if required).

Liner – polyethylene liner loosely inserted or stitched at bottom and top .

Micro perforation Facility for Cement, Carbon etc..


Mesh 32 to 56 per dm
Tape width 2.00 to 5.20 mm
Denier over 650 deniers as per customers' requirements
Fabric colour As per customers' requirements
UV stability Bags can be UV stabilized as per DIN EN 277 or other specific standards
Texture As required by customer (for aesthetic or anti-slip properties)


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